My F-Story

•November 8, 2009 • 1 Comment

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The time is 3:30 am Sunday morning, and I’ve just created this new blog page and topic to stimulate the erotic thoughts of others in an attempt to find out what most people enjoy before, during and after an orgasium.

At a very young age I became aroused at the sexy feeling and look of an older women’s ‘thick” legs enclosed in a pair of sheer silky full-fashion nude colored stockings.  Being seven and not knowing what was really happening , my lower body begun to develop a great sensation and wetness that seemed to increase with every passing day. She was about 60 years of age and had a very “thick” pair of legs swallowed by thigh highs that were hooked onto what seem then to be an endless amount of garter staps, as I know now but not then. She had somewhere around 14 inch ankles that always showcased clear mule, slingbacks or open-toed highheels at 4 inches higher or better. This sexy, vintage lingerie and undergarment older lady was always wear a tight skirt and seams behind her to match a fat lumpy ass around 62 inch hips. What I found out later was that underneath her skirts she was always sporting a custom girdle. Custom meaning, it had cutouts on the sides, in the ass area and crotchless so she could allow a “young” man to have easy access at any time.

Fetish confessions…

I’m a lover of girdles, seductive nylon stockings and high heels of all types. In addition, I adore the plus size women with a few extra pounds of pleasure. Although, I prefer a women that is intellectually an effort, physically she must support my visual fetish. Working my way from the bottom to the top, high heels are a most. I simply enjoy nylon covered feet and heels that showcase them. Slingback heels are my favorites closely followed by mules and to say the lease, the standard black pumps.

For many years I wondered what it would be like to find the ultimate bbw women the enjoyed dressup and I found her. A Bayonne beauty, 6’ “0 tall and 325 pounds plus, she enjoyed the attention I gave her from the sexy high heels, nylons and girdles she wear. Her attire was not just a daytime thing, but something she wore to bed everyday and fucked in. She would even cook in the kitchen while clothed in a nude colored girdle with the ass cut out, accompanied by 6 inch clear mules with rht chocolate stockings to go with her 14 inch ankles.

Sample photo of the girdle diva’s girdle below:

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To be continued…


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